Top 12 Coldest Countries in the World

6. Greenland

Greenland, the largest island state, is one of the coldest countries on our earth. It is located in the North Polar Region and is mostly covered with a large sheet of ice and sunlight never hits its surface, making it freezing. The highest temperature recorded in summers is around -7°C so one could feel winter’s season all year around.

5. The United States of America

The United States of America
The United States of America ranks as the coldest country with cold and harsh winters with lowest temperatures falling to -30 degrees Celsius. The Northern part is cold enough to affect people skin while southern region is bit hot. Alaska has severe winter, considered as the coldest place in the country.

4. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan also gets listed in our top ten list. Heavy Snowfall is accompanied with rainfalls make the hilly places extreme cold whereas the summers are quite warm and pretty tolerable.