WazirX Anniversary Giveaway and Contest Alert!

WazirX is turning 4! The incredible journey of this crypto exchange in a few words…

A 36-year-old, Nischal Shetty is a young tech entrepreneur who had dreamt of this crypto exchange and achieved it. He started this venture in 2018 with co-founders Sameer Mhatre and Siddharth Menon. These trio’s started their journey through the social media business.

This company is capitalized based on retail traders who invest in cryptocurrencies. Soon after a gap of fewer than two years, the company was acquired by Binance, World’s largest crypto exchange, and stepped into its first foray into the Indian Market.

Now the company WazirX has grown high and popular as the platform that facilitates its users to buy, sell and trade on popular virtual coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and so on.

Since then the company is seeing success in the field and continuously into giveaway campaigns. On the occasion of its 4th anniversary, a week-long trading marathon party going on from Thursday, 3rd March, 9 PM  to Wednesday, 9th March, 9 PM IST. And you are assured of winning GRAND prizes over ₹4 Crores! Any WazirX user can participate in the campaign and can win on all these 6 days.

The Giveaway daily contest includes:

  • Trade-in WRX/INR market from Thursday, 3rd March, 9 PM onwards until Wednesday, 9th March, 9 PM IST.
  • The structure of the giveaway is a total of ₹68,97,000 worth WRX every single day for 6 days.
  • The daily contest starts at 9 PM and ends the next day at 8:59:59 PM IST.
  • Winners on each day will be chosen based on their trading volume (inclusive of buy and sell orders).
  • Also, there is an additional contest, where three lucky traders will be chosen to win WRX worth Rs 5,000 each daily.

How can you participate in the contest?

  • A minimum of 100 WRX tokens must be in your account before you start the daily contest.
  • The trade should be of a minimum of Rs 5,000 during the daily contest.

Daily winnings:

Rank WRX Worth
1 INR 5,72,360
2 INR 4,27,552
3 INR 3,44,800
4 – 10 INR 1,72,400
11 – 20 INR 1,10,295
21 – 30 INR 34,480
31 – 40 INR 30,342
41 – 50 INR 23,446
51 – 100 INR 9,999
101 – 150 INR 8,999
151 – 200 INR 7,999
201 – 250 INR 4,200
251 – 350 INR 3,400
350 – 400 INR 2,500

Not only this, 100 more traders will be rewarded based on the number of trades during the campaign duration*.

Coming to the weekly contest…

  • Start Trading in the WRX/INR market from Thursday, 3rd March, 9 PM onwards until Wednesday, 9th March, 9 PM IST.
  • During the weekly contest, we are following a structure of giveaways of a total of Rs 5,00,000 worth of WRX coins.
  • Based on the number of trades, winners will be chosen.

How can you participate in this contest? 

  • There should be a minimum of 100 WRX tokens in your account before you start the contest.
  • You should make at least 1000 trades to be eligible for the end-of-the-week rewards.

Weekly Prizes

Rank WRX Worth
1 INR 40,100
2 INR 30,000
3 INR 20,000
4 -10 INR 9,999
11 – 20 INR 8,000
21 – 30 INR 5,500
31 – 40 INR 4,500
41 – 50 INR 3,500
51 – 100 INR 2,500

 You can take the advantage of the contest leaderboard. Trade WRX/INR

Before you jump into the contest, learn the terms and conditions of the contest.

  • Only the completed orders will be taken to calculate the ‘No.of trades‘ for rewards.
  • Trading numbers include all buy and sell orders.
  • Holding 100 WRX coins is mandatory before you participate in the campaign.
  • Prizes will be awarded by 31st March 2022.
  • The WRX rewards are purely based on WRX price at the end of each day, that is, 9 pm IST.
  • The prizes of Rs 10,000 and above are subjected to 30% TDS.
  • Traders having preferential trading discounts like, MMs, HHFTs, etc are not eligible to take this contest.
  • WazirX has no obligation for any tax payment related to the distribution or the user of any rewards.
  • WazirX holds the right to reverse the funds without any prior notice if it finds any suspicious activity.
  • Rewards are void if restricted or prohibited by law.
  • The sponsors of this contest prizes are Zanmai Labs Private Limited.
  • WazirX holds the right to amend or cancel the giveaway rules, sudden announcements, or any other restrictions without any prior notice.

Don’t wait when the opportunity is knocking at your door. Enroll yourself in the contest now!