Top 12 Coldest Countries in the World

3. Canada

Canada is located at the North Pole where sunlight always hits horizontally with less intensity that makes it the coldest place in the world. The country is further up north of the United States where severe winters last for five months, and temperature goes down to -40 degrees Celsius.

2. Russia

Russia has exceptionally lowest temperature during winters that go below -40 degrees Celsius and just comes to -3 °C in summer. Verkhoyansk is the place that has extremely coldest weather during winters. Some regions of the country receive sunlight for only two months in a year. Here people mostly consume vodka to keep the body warm.

1. Antarctica

Antarctica is the world’s coldest region, situated at the extreme north that receives no sunlight all year round. It is commonly called snowy desert where the lowest temperature ever recorded is -89 degrees Celsius. It is scorched and only receives 2. 6 mm precipitation in a year.