Things you should not search on Google!

Google is a powerful search engine where you can search for any information! But you should limit your search for the following things which can put you in a hazardous loop and make you lose your earnings. There are threats of someone who can exploit your searching.

Let’s check out those hazardous google searches!

Online Banking

Never search for online banking websites in google where you might bump with some proxy bank servers and lose all the money from your bank account! Only access your bank account through the authorized bank URLs. There are phishing sites working just to steal your money!

Customer Care Numbers

These days the online scam is on rising. Don’t get scammed by searching customer care numbers of any companies in Google. Some hackers post fake customer care numbers on their fake websites and are eager to get your personal details.

Buying Medicine

Refrain yourself from searching for medicines for your health problems. Google is a great-searching place for health symptoms. But never try the medicines suggested on websites as those may be life-taking incidents sometimes. Please consult your personal doctor before buying any medicines.

Software or Apps

Many of us come across the word ‘malware’ which can harm your system completely. When you download any app or software from Google, there is a threat of installing the malware onto your computer or mobile. Only download software from recommended and familiar websites.

Weight Loss Tips

Never try any medications for weight loss through Google search. It may be life-threatening sometimes. Never get attracted to those natural ingredients, green labels on packages. It is also advised not to try any weight-loss tips provided on some fake websites.

Personal Finance

Do not search for any information related to your personal finance and do not ask for any advice online about your finance conditions. Remember, there are no such plans which can make your richer by night.

Government websites

Never seek government help through government websites searched through Google. You can do so only through authorized URLs provided by government offices. Scammers always have an eye on such websites to get your information.

Login to social media website

Do not search for the login page of any social media website, as there is a threat of your login information being hacked by hackers.

Anti-virus software

Hackers usually create some fake anti-virus software on the internet and make it available for download through a google search. Therefore, avoid downloading any anti-virus software from Google search.

Shopping on offer

Some fake e-commerce websites advertise some products on offer. People often confuse them with the original e-commerce websites and tend to buy products, put their payment details which will be easier for the scammers to get hold of your information.

Coupon Codes

Never search for coupon codes in the Google search as many fake websites out there that sell fake coupons and later on steal your bank details.

Porn Contents

If you search for porn content on Google search, it might put you on embarrassment later on. Whenever you access any websites, the porn things might pop-up on as an advertisement! If you are on an official work with any website and your google search history pops-up, imagine your condition!