Quotes on Love and Friendship – Part 2

Love and Friendship quotes

  1. Why u r just a net friend? A friend is a friend, is a friend indeed….there is no face or a form, he is there when u need him most in good, bad and the ugly times, taking all the onus on himself just to see you smile, washing all the dirty linen when you are away miles
  2. Heart is where it belongs, winds of change comes in the mind, man changes accordingly his perception towards others..
  3. I would rather have eyes that cannot see, ears that cannot hear, lips that cannot speak, than a heart that cannot love.
  4. We as a human race are wilder than the beast, they kill to survive, we survive to kill for want, for greed and animosity.
  5. When women are depressed they sulk do not eat and feel lonely, but men when depressed they hit the bottle and forget that they are depressed
  6. Love cannot be enforced upon anyone, it is a natural phenomenon, it is in born
  7. Good and Bad are the two sides of the same coin, it all depends on which side of the coin surfaces first, but it is the value of the coin ultimately matters…
  8. Flowers are delight to the naked eye, it fills the crescent with various colors and sweeten the heart with its nectar

  9. One may differ in nature and attitude, but one should not forget to be a good human being.
  10. You can never be called a fool instead you will be called a wise fool, having waited for him patiently.
  11. Many criminals are set free by the law for lack of evidence, alternately an innocent is punished instead, but in the court of God, the guilty have to face the retribution
  12. In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity…
  13. One makes relations to harness and endure it life long, in the advent of any event good or bad and the relation reciprocates equally to both
  14. Love is something which cannot be explained it is a beautiful feeling between two individuals..
  15. There are many friends for me to look towards, but there are only a few to rely upon
  16. Friendship is like a thread extended between two individuals, the one who pulls harder breaks it.
  17. What happens how it happens and when it happens are all predestined, we are just mortals to obey and concede to the will of God

  18. Every bit of what you do successfully how ever small it may be is your accomplishment in life.
  19. Some believe Him as Jesus, Some Allah, Some as Ram…I for one will believe in the achievements of human beings in their truest form.
  20. Sorry and thanks are two words often used in our day to day conversation so much so,that they ultimately lost its gloss.
  21. Life is one’s own, what you do with it is your affair, true friends, and true lovers only give meaning to it…
  22. Sorry and thanks are two words often used in our day to day conversation so much so,that they ultimately lost its gloss..
  23. No one is good nor no one is bad in this world, it is their deeds that make them to be so…
  24. In love and friendship one cannot ask for sorry or say thank you…it is nothing but downgrading the relationship.
  25. Work, work and nothing but work…some people get intoxicated with work…they are called workaholics.
  26. Art is appreciated when it is good in what ever form or language it is exhibited