Guys, MP4 file virus waiting to attack your WhatsApp! Do not click on any MP4 file sent to your WhatsApp!

It is time to update your WhatsApp to the latest version as the malicious MP4 file virus is getting ready to attack your WhatsApp. The computer emergency response team of India has warned the WhatsApp users of this virus which is at a high risk to get attacked by this new MP4 virus.

In this regard, the WhatsApp company has released a security update. This MP4 virus is affecting both Android and iOS systems. But there are no cases that have been come across regarding the virus attacks till now. WhatsApp is keeping a hawk-eye on the security of their service.

In India, WhatsApp has the biggest market. Recently, the WhatsApp has gone through a Pegasus spyware from an Israeli company and it was impacted more than 1000 phone users and among them more than 100 were Indians. Now again WhatsApp got this bad news of the MP4 virus.

The WhatsApp company confirmed this virus on November 14, 2019. Therefore, it is advised not to open any MP4 file which is specially crafted to attack your systems.

How can a virus attack impact your system?

  • It might crash your system
  • Device becomes slow
  • It might steal your personal information stored on the system
  • Redirects to malicious links

How can I prevent my system from this virus attack?

It is advised to use anti-malware software on your device. Also, reinstall the WhatsApp app or update it to the latest version.

The virus attackers display fake alerts filled with bank logos and similar details that look genuine. Therefore, be cautious before you click on any links.