Get long and thick hair! Follow simple and easy steps

  • Massage your scalp with your fingertips (not your nails) daily to stimulate and promote circulation to your scalp and reduce excess fallout.
  • Massage the scalp with rosemary essential oil or rinse hair with tea made from sage.
  • Comb your hair and scalp gently in the morning and at night. This will produce new hair growth. Do not over the comb.
  • If can, avoid hair dryers. If you are using blow dryers, always keep the heat a good distance from your scalp and hair. Avoid heating the scalp and hair excessively.
  • Avoid using hair creams, lotions, styling gels and sprays directly on the scalp as they will clog your hair follicles.
  • After swimming in a pool, shampoo your hair as soon as possible to remove any chlorine residue.
  • Avoid over-exposing your hair and scalp to the wind and sun.
  • Avoid tight hats and caps as they contribute to poor circulation, depriving the hair of proper nutrition and stunting new hair growth.
  • High-stress factors can cause excessive oil secretion (sebum) which results in hair loss.
  • Pregnancy, nursing, menopause, and even birth control medication can cause hair loss.
  • Avoid “crash and fad” diets.

Some hair care tips here for you!

long and thick hair

  • Increase the intake of vitamin C which is found in fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly citrus fruit and juices, parsley, broccoli, green peppers and black currants. Take a vitamin B complex every day. Increase your intake of protein found in meat, fish, liver, wheat germ, dried cooked beans and peas, cheese, milk and eggs.
  • Take dietary supplements such as Vitamin B6, zinc.
  • Eliminate stress.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Do not wash every day. The cleaner your hair is the more it can seep into your glands and harder it is to get rid of. When you do wash, make sure you are washing with a cleaning shampoo and scrubbing the build up off.
  • Use a ph-balanced mild shampoo.
  • Try to avoid conditioner at the roots, apply in the middle or on the ends.
  • Try to avoid oil in your daily food intake. And do eat more vegetables.
  • Avoid using shine products at all costs. Keep away from two-in-one shampoos and conditioners and any frizz serums.
  • Rub a little Talcum Powder on your dried hair at the roots. Just make sure you wash it out.

Here are 10 tips for to keep your hair strong, smooth, shiny and beautiful! 

  1. Have a balanced diet. Eat protein and calcium rich foods. Stay away from junk foods! This is essential for healthy hair.
  2. Foods and supplements to nourish your hair:
    1. Beans
    2. Yogurt
    3. Almonds
    4. Vitamin B
    5. Fish
    6. And the magic potion of beauty – WATER
  3. Before washing your hair, comb it well to make sure all knots has been removed from your hair.
  4. Before applying shampoo, use warm water to run through your hair to rinse and wet it thoroughly.
  5. When applying shampoo or conditioner, don’t use your fingernails to scrape through your hair. Instead, use your palm and fingertips to massage your scalp and hair gently, in circular motions. This will help the circulation and also help to keep your hair shiny and smooth.
  6. After rinsing away all the shampoo, run water over your hair thoroughly to ensure there are no remains of shampoo in your hair, as it might cause great damage to your scalp.
  7. When applying hair treatment products, do so just after you have washed your hair, so that your hair can absorb all the good stuff while it is half wet. This will be the best time for it to absorb nourishment.
  8. NEVER go to bed with your hair wet! Hair that is half wet is most easily broken, and if you sleep during this time, your hair will be rubbing against each other, damaging your hair in the most terrible way.
  9. Too much pressure may lead to hair loss! Relax. Try some good relaxation methods such as soaking in a nice scented bath, listening to music, and eating healthy comfort foods such as strawberries and grapes.
  10. Perming and colouring seriously damage your hair. Avoid it as much as possible. Also, when using hair setting products such as gel or putty, use as little as possible, because they can hurt your scalp and hair. Wash them out thoroughly afterwards with a shampoo specially created for removing styling products.