The chemistry behind your emotions!

The human body releases some 50 different types of hormones. These are chemical substances produced by endocrine cells in the glands. If you are sad or happy, there is some chemical reaction happening in your body. Isn’t it exciting? Well, today I am discussing some major hormones which are responsible for our emotional outcome. Let’s not wait to read!

Sad Hormone: The hormone responsible for your stress is called Cortisol. It is nature’s built-in alarm system. It controls some emotions, like, mood, sadness, and fear from the brain. This Cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands situated at the top of your kidneys. This hormone control many things in your body such as managing carbohydrate, fat, and proteins, blood pressure, blood sugar level, inflammation level, sleep, etc.

When you are under too much stress, the Cortisol level in the blood becomes high. When you handle the stress, this hormone calms down and brings back the blood pressure and other systems to normal.

Just imagine if you are on continued stress, how this Cortisol can affect your body system!

Happy Hormones: There are four major happy hormones in our body. Let’s discuss them in short.

Dopamine: It is known as the ‘feel-good’ hormone. It is a reward from our brain system to keep us happy and healthy. This hormone is sensationally associated with learning, memory, the motor system of the body, etc.  This hormone increases focus, attention, productivity, and positivity.

Serotonin: This deals with mood, sleep, digestion, memory, learning ability, and appetite.  This also releases when you help others or when you inspire others.

Oxytocin: This is a love hormone. This hormone releases when we bond socially, get trusted when getting intimacy and when hug someone with love.

Endorphin:  It is a natural pain and stress fighter. It is released when we get continuous pain, when we do exercise, jogging, and running.

So now, what will you opt for? Increase your happy hormones and keep spreading them among others too.