Career Tips: Finding A Job On LinkedIn

The course is created by a recruiter to help my potential candidates to get noticed on LinkedIn and increase their chances of being hired through this social network. The course offers particular case studies and examples obtained from the real-life experience of finding and engaging the candidates through LinkedIn. I have helped to land a job for dozens and dozens of people and at least 40% of those were engaged by me through LinkedIn. I am going to share my observations and give some practical pieces of advice.

I hope that this course will help you to land a great job. In case you are considering a job change and looking for the most in-demand skills, you can find some helpful articles in the downloadable materials.


Getting Noticed

You can improve your chances of getting noticed by adding to your connections and by sharpening your profile. For example:

  • Invite former co-workers (at any level) to connect with you. Send a personal note with the invitation.
  • Use the LinkedIn site’s “People You May Know” tool (located under the “My Network” tab) to reach out to people with similar backgrounds and connections.
  • Ask for recommendations from people you’ve worked with. Offer to write one for them.
  • Add keywords that relate to your job field. Put those words in your summary statement at the top of your profile. You can even add a specific location where you’d like to work. The more specific you are, the more likely someone is to find you.

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