Work on Hourly Basis, Be more Productive

Productivity is not about how long you work, it is about how focused you are when you work. In the office, you can see some people not only work but also enjoy in their office hours. Some keep working all the time, but they are unable to produce the expected results. There is no single formula to become more productive. It is a combination of setting priorities, managing time, setting deadlines, and focusing only on work when you work.

But today we will focus on the idea of:
“Working on Hourly Basis”

How mind works faster:

Have you ever felt that your mind works faster when you have less time to do the things? I have achieved more when I know I only have an hour to complete a task. I am not talking about negative pressure; it is about giving positive pressure to the mind.


Example 1: Suppose you are working on a task you know is doable in 2 hours. But you have assigned the whole day to get this job done. If you do not set a deadline in your mind, I bet you are going to take the entire day to complete the task.

Example 2: Suppose you are given a task. With your experience you know it will take 2 days to accomplish that task. But, the next day you are going on a vacation, so you need to finish it today. The chances are you will complete by the end of the day.

How? You had a motivation ahead of you and so, you programmed your mind to complete the task on time. It is all about being in control of your mind.

To improve productivity, start giving instructions to your mind on an hourly basis rather than daily basis. You can achieve more on an hourly basis rather than on a daily basis.

What is Hourly basis Approach?

Divide your day’s task into hours. Set what you want to achieve in the next hour. It is hard to focus continuously for 8 hours, but you can stay focused an hour at a time. Evaluate yourself after each hour so that you know if you are heading in the right direction. This way, you don’t need to panic at the end of the day.

Give it a shot. Try it for a week; you will see great results.