• Ash Gourd Halwa, Kashi Halwa, Kumbalakayi Halwa

    Ash Gourd Halwa | Kashi Halwa | Kumbalakayi Halwa

    Ash gourd is used widely in Indian kitchens. It is high in Vitamin B and Vitamin C with minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and phosphorous. It is rich in fiber too. Let’s make¬†Ash Gourd Halwa | Kashi Halwa | Kumbalakayi Halwa As gourd cleanses stomach with which it helps to keep the stomach from ulcers and intestinal parasites. It is widely used in aid of weight loss. Since it contains 96% of water, it is the best alternative to calorie-loaded foods. Ash gourd helps in stopping the internal bleeding. It helps fight against mental illness like epilepsy, anxiety, insomnia, neurosis and paranoia. Ash gourd is used for cosmetic levels too.…