My Review on Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV

Today I’m going to review one of the best brand TV in India. That is none other than Mi LED Smart TV. As the name says, it is smart! This Smart TV has all the features which other high budgeted smart TVs have. But the thing is, you get all these features in a low budget! This is the special thing about Mi smart TV. These days the Mi brand is the best and trusted one.

Mi LED Smart TV

This Android Smart TV looks like a premium product, a lightweight, slim, and the display is just awesome, so clear, so beautiful. Compared to SD services of DTH services, this Smart TV gives a better HD and 4K content. You can run all the apps on this Smart TV. We can access YouTube, video on demand and many other such video apps. This TV makes your life easy, the Bluetooth remote control has the speaker, that is, voice command feature through which one can ON the TV, search for apps, open the apps, run the apps, and also OFF the TV! Also, there is a typing feature to search the content. Smart isn’t it? Not only the access but also the picture quality, I mean the hue is great.

Best Features:

The patch wall of this TV is great which can work smoothly. They have given many ports on the TV by which we can connect the TV to many other compatible devices. You can even install the Opera browser which works very well with this TV. The best thing is you can install Mi remote Android App and you can control it through your smartphone which works when you have WiFi. You can also use it as a touchscreen on your TV.

Every product has its Cons part. Let me explain the cons of this TV.

Smart TV Cons:

The Audio clarity of this TV is not so satisfactory, it lacks Treble and Bass. One cannot expect a Dolby audio feature from Mi TV. Also, connecting external speakers to the TV is difficult as the audio out port is missing. But you can connect external speakers in other ways too but it feels a little messy.

The micro dimming feature is missing on the TV which is available in other high-end TVs. Netflix and Prime Video are missing in MI.

Whatever it might be, when you buy a smartphone or the TV, MI will surprise you with its great features at an affordable price!