How IT Department Officials Are Able to Trace the Hidden 2000 Rupee Notes.. It’s not Chip!!

Unearthing more than Rs. 100 crore within a month is not a small thing. That too in different parts of the country and many times, found inside the car, bathroom etc. The officers have been attacking with a pinpointed way which shows that something is helping them to catch hold of the guilty.

There were reports that all Rs. 2000 denomination notes are having a chip which will make it possible for the government to locate it, even if it is kept below the ground level. However, later on, the Ministry of Finance clarified that there is no chip inside that. But then the question still remains that how the officials are able to nab the culprits!

As a report has mentioned that it is the ink used for printing the notes that are the tool which is helping the officials. It is said that radioactive isotope of Phosphorous (P32), which has 15 protons and 17 neutrons, has been used in limited quantity with the ink. This is helping the officials in detecting the presence of Rs. 2000 notes. The intensity of radioactive emission will be more when the quantity of currency notes is more than the allowed.

IT raid

Recently, PM Modi in one of his speeches said, “Right now people are thinking that by exchanging the new currency with the old one with the help of some bankers. They think they are safe and leave the back door. I assure you that they cannot escape because I have cameras in the back doors also.”

Black Money

He further warned, “Jinhone bhi 8 November ke baad ye paap kia hai vo to kisi bhi halat me bachne vale nahi hain 2-4-6 mahine me pakde jayange” (whoever has committed this sin after November 8th, he will not be spared off at any cost and will be caught within 2 – 4 or 6 months).

PM Modi had promised to the people that by December 31st, everything will be set right. Many people were surprised to see the confidence that he had and the conviction with which he was speaking about the step that he had taken. Recently the media had also come to know that the plan for demonetization has been strategized soon after taking the charge of Prime Minister. It is evident that the planning had foreseen such probable corrupt practices and necessary measures were taken to curb it.

So, now even for those who have ‘good contacts’, it is difficult to escape from punishment. Beware! The government is watching you!