Here is why I believe Bitcoin can reach peak of $100K soon

The rebounding of Bitcoin price after it hit a phenomenal rate of $30K, can assure us to hike the rates up to $40K by the time you read this article. We can predict that it might cross the barrier of $50K soon. Before that, we need to watch the $41K and $46K reach out. I just hope that the Bitcoin will be back on $100K. It might not happen soon, but I believe it will happen.

Some predict the market will be down, but Bitcoin is doing great by being live and active all this time. I feel lucky to grab this opportunity to invest in Bitcoin and get the maximum out of it when it reached $100K. It is the most deserved market for those who want to earn more and more.

The top reasons why I am confident in getting ahead with Bitcoin are here:

  • Most of the countries have allowed this virtual currency to operate and believe that it has a great future. By September 2021, El Salvadore will adapt Bitcoin to change its country’s future. People here have overnight advantages of banking and the life of these will be going to change. The President here wants people to take advantage of this virtual currency and prosper in their life. This step of this country will surely inspire other countries to take similar steps.
  • No matter China bans Bitcoin, after a hard fall in June 2021, Bitcoin is getting wings and flying high. From China to the west, now all have started believing in the hash power of Bitcoin. As a result of this, the decentralization of it has increased.
  • After China is out of the scene, many investors have started to mine in Bitcoin for a greener way. This means the investors investing Bitcoin in Environmental, social, and governance issues. The ESG rate of Bitcoin is already high. The future of Bitcoin seems to be bright from here.
  • Many giant techies have come forward to invest in Bitcoin through technology. For example, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has decided to start up a new venture through Bitcoin. Therefore, we should focus on such Bitcoin supporters rather than Elon Musk. Jack Dorsey says he sees the future of Twitter in Bitcoin and is assured of new features in Twitter to facilitate Bitcoin. Likewise, many other giant techs will soon come forward to take Bitcoin as their management strategy or for payment method transactions. Big dreamers like Amazon and Apple will dwell on Bitcoin sooner I hope and this will boost the current Bitcoin market.
  • Bitcoin uses Lightning Network to speed up its transaction processing time and to cut off the costs associated with Bitcoin’s Blockchain. The future Bitcoin payments will be made through Lightning Network which is faster and confirmed quickly. The life of Bitcoin would be easy through Lightning Network.
  • The trend of Institutional investor demand will be resumed in the coming days as the all-time high market was recorded in April 2021. Investors are going crazy to apply for the Bitcoin ETFs. Not only that, many banks have come forward to extend Bitcoin offering to their customers. These same banks that have once opposed the Bitcoin market are now coming forward to offer their support after a huge hike in the Bitcoin rate. And I am sure the one who is still in the opposition will be left behind with regrets.

  • Not only banks, but Billionaires now have a keen interest in Bitcoin and might take the advantage of Bitcoin offers. However, their investments depend upon the saying, Bitcoin success is inevitable. We can see that a billionaire who is a strong opponent of Bitcoin, has recently agreed that he has investments in Bitcoin. This has given many hopes in the Bitcoin market. The inflammation we experienced has given a bright shine to Bitcoin.
  • The revolution Bitcoin has brought into the monetary attributes with its blockchain technology has given guaranteed offers. When you buy Bitcoin, it offers you more protection than any other American dollar system can.
  • Many Central banks have come up with ultra-aggressive monetary policies to combat the Covid 19 situation and the Bitcoin system has flashed its benefits in this situation. We cannot deny the inflation of these days and coming days, it is time to focus on something which can balance out the money market, which is none other than Bitcoin. More and more investors will understand the situation and come forward to regain their strength in Bitcoin.
  • The institutional; investors are now sure of the resilience of the Bitcoin system and have shown interest in the investment. When every time Bitcoin has fallen, it rose again with such an attitude that investors cannot deny it. This will assure those investors who have doubted Bitcoin earlier.

Before I conclude, I would say confidently that Bitcoin has a bright future.  Not only do I say this, but other Bitcoin supporters too have it in their minds. The fall of May 2021 was just a drip before it rises to the peak. If this continues, the dream of $100K will be in the corner sooner. Take a sigh and go ahead!