The List of Top 8 Highest Waterfalls in India

8. Thalaiyar Waterfalls

thalaiyar-fallsThalaiyar waterfalls also known as ‘RAT TAIL’ falls situated in Dindigul district of Tamilnadu. It is one of the biggest waterfall from a height 974 ft and one of one of the tallest falls in Asia. The Waterfalls is very popular for its dangerous places and dark caves. The spot is still unexplored.

It appears across the valley as a long thin white strip of cascading water on a background of black rock cliff face that juts out of the foothills.

The river water coming to the falls, though 9 km downstream from Perumal Malai village and apparently clear, may be polluted, and visitors to the area are advised to avoid drinking it.

How to Reach

Rat Tail Falls is considered inaccessible to the general public, as there is no road to it. The top of the falls is a rewarding and challenging hike destination. Hikers should be cautious, as two Western tourists died in 2006 when they fell from the top of the Falls.

It is possible to hike to the bottom of the falls in the dry season, beginning at the Manjalar Dam. This difficult hike proceeds along a path through Mango orchards and potato fields around the Manjalar Reservoir and up along the stream as far as a small shrine, dedicated to the Goddess Kamakshi. The legend is that Kamakshi was born here at the foot of the falls in a bamboo bush and hence she is called Moonkilanai Kamakshi. This place is called Amma Machhu, meaning in the middle of a grove of teak trees.

Beyond this point one must climb up along the stream, going up, over and around increasingly large boulders with difficulty, till arriving at the bottom of the falls, where there is a pool about 30 metres (98 ft) by 60 metres (200 ft). The return hike is more difficult. The full hike there and back covers about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) and takes a full day.

Manjalar Dam is at the end of Manjalar Road about 5.5 kilometres (3.4 mi) north from SH-36 at Devadanapatti town beginning along Kamatchi Amman temple road.