IX Web Hosting Review

IX Web Hosting has been in service since 1999 and is a medium sized hosting company. I’m hosting my websites with IX Web Hosting for past 8 years. They claim to have over 250,000 customers, primarily within the United States. They run the business out of Ohio.

One thing that sets this company apart from most other hosting providers is the fact that they focus their services on helping sites with search engine optimization (SEO). One big way they do this is by offering a dedicated IP address to every account. You also have the option to buy additional dedicated IPs if you are planning on running multiple sites.
This is a nice service, especially for people looking to set up blog networks or other things to help their sites rank better in the search engines.

Most features are included in packages
When you choose one of the packages that they offer you will pretty much have everything you need to run your site. This is nice since many hosting companies today are trying to raise your price by pushing lots of little extra for an additional charge. You can also try 7 days FREE Trial before actually hosting the website. IX provides custom Control Panel similar to vDeck and equal to cPanel.

The biggest feature that they offer is the free IP address, which normally costs at least a dollar or two per month with other hosting companies. If you do opt to buy additional IPs, you will be charged $2 per month.

ix_web hosting plans

Nice hosting for SEO focused customers:
IX Web Hosting provides good, reliable hosting with nice support and all at a fair price. There really isn’t too much to complain about. The free IPs are nice, and the support services they provide really are second to none.

Helpful support services:
One of the biggest perks of going with this site. Every customer is given the name of their own personal support representative. This is the person who can help them with all types of problems including technical issues, support problems and more. If your personal rep can’t help you, they will work internally with other teams to get the problem solved. You can contact the customer support representative using Support Tickets/Chat/email/phone. The wait time on chat is bit high but can get good support to ticket system as well.

This is a fairly unique service for hosting, and will help ensure you get the attention you need when you’re having any type of problem.

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