• Masala tea

    It’s time to sip some Masala tea!

    Tea is a favourite Indian beverage. Nowadays, Green tea is more in the news as it has various health benefits. But our Indian masala tea also has equal health benefits and is very easy to prepare. Do not waste your time to find Masala powder in the markets. You can easily prepare it yourself using the common kitchen spices which I have given below. Do you really know what a masala tea can do for you? Let’s discuss. Masala tea is anti-inflammatory. It kills the body pain you get from cold and flu. This tea revitalizes the body and stimulates the mind. It is anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti…

  • Green gram dal (Moong dal) payasam

    Green gram dal (Moong dal) payasam

    Green gram is the best vegetarian superfoods and known for its amazing health benefits. Green gram helps in losing weight and controls blood pressure level. Green gram is the good source of iron. If taken it within certain limits, it protects from skin cancer. It reduces the bad cholesterol and improves the flexibility of arteries and veins. Hence, good for the heart. We can consume it in many ways. One of these is moong dal payasam. Print Recipe Green gram dal (Moong dal) payasam Course Payasam Cuisine Indian Servings Ingredients 1 cup Moong dal1/2 cup Jaggery dissolved in water1/2 cup Milk1/4 cup Coconut milk1 tbsp Cardamom1 tbsp GheeFew Cashew nuts…