Google is Rumored to Launch 2 Google Smartwatches During Q1 2017

Back in July, a rumor surfaced that claimed Google was preparing to launch a couple of Android Wear smartwatches ‘Google Smartwatch’. The image and rumor came from Android Police, but they were unable to cite the source of the information. They said Google is working on launching two different Google Smartwatches with one being bigger than the other. The larger smartwatch is code named Angelfish while the smaller one carries the codename Swordfish.

Google Smartwatch

Angelfish is said to have LTE connectivity and GPS so it can be a standalone device and show off all the features that Android Wear has to offer. The rumor says Swordfish will not have either of those, and it might not even have a heart rate sensor. The missing features, along with its smaller size, suggest it might be sold as an affordable smartwatch while Angelfish will carry a premium price tag. With the death of the Nexus line now official, we’re likely to see these branded as a Pixel device, but this is unknown at this time.


Last month we learned that the official release of Android Wear 2.0 would be delayed until “early 2017”. We haven’t been told exactly why this delay happened, though. It could be due to new features being added, or it could be so their developers can iron out some bugs and polish the mobile operating system. Since the mock-up renders of Google’s upcoming smartwatches depicted features Android Wear 2.0 features, many speculated they would be launched alongside the new update.

Google Smartwatch

A new rumor from Evan Blass now says Google’s two unannounced smartwatches will be released right alongside Android Wear 2.0. This doesn’t come as any surprise since we are used to seeing Google launch hardware with new versions of their software. Evan also believes they will be launched during the first quarter of 2017, which matches the expected Wear 2.0 release date. We’ll likely see more leaks about these devices as we get closer to their launches.