Best and latest Upcoming Technology in Smartphones world

In our daily life, we are surrounded by new technology which makes our work easily and faster. These things are happening because of upcoming technology and new features. We see that as time is changing, new technical features are coming step by step which is really unbelievable at first but yes, it is worth believing. As we know the bar phones changes to smartphones and comes with touch screen phones but now the time is different and smartphones have new technical features.

Waterproof technology:

Waterproof technology is an outstanding technology for our daily based life. This technology can easily handle the rain. Basically, we say it is water smartphones. Waterproof smartphones are best for you if you spend your busy schedule mostly outside. This technology prevents your phones from water and does not spoil the smartphone. Sometimes people drop their phones in the water by mistake but fortunately they are lucky if their smartphones are waterproof.

Curved-screen smartphones

Curved shaped smartphones are rarely to seen. As today we see a smartphone which is regular or flat shaped smart phones but curved shaped phones have their unique identity which is at high-end technology. Curved shaped smartphones started since 2 years before which Samsung Galaxy Round, LG G flex, LG G flex 2, Samsung Galaxy note edge etc but in future time these curved shaped smartphones will rule over flat shaped smartphones.

3D screens smartphones

Technology comes to the peak of high definition but still 3D technology will always be further than this HD quality smart phones. Apple company launches their smartphones with new features technology which is 3D. Many others phones are 2D but now they are also moving further to 3D smartphones like LG Optimus 3D, Samsung AMOLED 3D.

• Curved screen smartphones


Smartwatch playing a great role in our wrist. Now we are more over than watching only time. The smartwatch has features like watching videos, playing games, listens to FM and much more. Smart watches are really affordable by price and it is not very costly.

5G Technology

5G technology will be rolled out soon by the year of 2020. It will be faster than 4G technology. The projection of 5G technology has been started. Soon it will make our life really very easy.

Retina scanning

Scanning to unlock any phone becomes easy but the advanced technology is far superior to protect your phones and retina scanning is one of them. This technology saves your phone from any other individual. Retina scanning first scans your iris and then it unlock your phone. This technical feature is far better than fingerprint scanning.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is an electromagnetic field which combines the two objects. The combination of the charger and the smartphones. Wireless charger charges the smartphones very fast. It can be charged with the help of magnetic field.

Internal cloud storage

Cloud storage of 100 GB solves the problem of storage device issue. This cloud storage in technology in smarty phones used with the help of data transfer via 3G 4G or Bluetooth signal. Whenever the data of our smart phones is fully complete, the cloud storage technology transfers the music, videos, and other data to our internal storage cloud. It stores the data easily and we use the data in future, whenever it is in our need without any harm. Internal cloud storage technology easily shares the music, videos, and important document to others smart phones.

Support for Developers

There are many people who work as a web developer, software developer etc. but when it comes to coding phones are not at all suitable. Thus, companies must work towards these things as well. There are people who make money through Adsense Youtube, but because of the lack of resources, they aren’t able to work properly hence the apps platform must be developed keeping this thing in mind.