8 Surprising Uses of Aspirin

Aspirin, otherwise known as acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), is a wonder drug you probably have in your house somewhere because it’s so effective at treating pain, fever, and inflammation. Yet these powerful little pills also have a range of surprising uses that most people don’t know about. Here are 8 such uses that make aspirin a drug that we can hardly do without.

Caution: Aspirin is known to cause asthmatic effects, therefore if you suffer from asthma you should avoid aspirin. Also, those who have suffered problems with internal bleeding in the stomach or intestines should not take any aspirin. If you have any doubts about taking aspirin, seek advice from a Physician who knows your medical history.

1. Conquer plant infections

Plant Infection

Even though you might be a keen gardener, you will still occasionally happen upon a plant that’s infected and apparently doomed. But if you dissolve an aspirin pill in one gallon of water and feed your plant as normal, the pill’s salicylic acid will encourage growth and strength in any plant. The same solution can also be used with freshly cut flowers to make them last up to a week in a vase of water and aspirin.

2. Get the last bit of power from an old car battery

If your battery appears to be drained, or just needs a little kick to get it started, then aspirin is the surprising answer. Crushing two pills into each battery cell should create a chemical reaction that transforms the battery fluid’s sulfuric acid into acetic acid. This should give you just enough power to drive your car to a nearby garage.

3. Get rid of sweat stains

I think we’ve all seen some of our best summer wear undergo an embarrassing yellow stain under the armpits. To remedy, simply crush some aspirin pills and mix into a paste with water. Then cover the stains with the paste and wait a few minutes before rinsing them clean.

4. Solve that dandruff problem

sourceDandruff is an effect of a perfectly natural and simple process of skin-cell death and regeneration, and there is an aspirin based solution that’s just as easy to grasp. If you grind up a couple of aspirin pills into the small amount of shampoo you use every day and wait a few minutes, you will have created an awesomely effective anti-dandruff shampoo.

5. Calming down heart attacks

heart attacks

Unfortunately, a lot of people (men and women), are at risk of suffering a sudden heart attack. Therefore, this tip is absolutely vital to know. If you, or your partner, believes they are suffering from a heart attack the best thing you can do is chew on some aspirin, as you wait for the ambulance to arrive. Aspirin functions as a blood thinner, preventing platelets from clogging and causing thromboses. The chewing apparently delivers this effect much faster than swallowing aspirin with water.

6. Bring your natural hair color back

Many people, especially those with blond hair, can see their natural hair color fade away. This is usually exacerbated by being in the sunshine or swimming in chlorine-treated water. The solution is to dissolve between 6 and 8 aspirin pills in a glass of water. Rub this solution into your hair and leave it for about 10 minutes before giving it a good rinse clean. It may take 2 or 3 washes, but soon your hair’s natural glory will return.

7. Cure your hangover


Even the best of us sometimes don’t know when to stop drinking during a special evening, and if you really push the boat out one night, a bit of foresight should actually help you reduce the horrible hangover headed your way. Before you go to sleep, try and remember to take two pills which will inhibit prostaglandins. In the morning (or whenever you are able to wake up) take a further two pills during your first meal. Then your headache will be reduced, and any swelling caused by the prostaglandins will also be decreased.

8. Heal insect stings and bites

During summer it can be very depressing that having tried all the different anti-insect methods to keep your home and garden bug-free, you still end up getting bitten or stung anyway. But with aspirin on hand, you will always have a ready made medication for your troubled skin. Simply make a paste with a crushed pill and water, and apply to your bite/sting. Leave for a few minutes before rinsing it off. This will reduce the inflammation of your sore wound.